Brief History

In 1993 I started my wood working career at Ercol, Princes Risborough.  It was here that I took my wood-machining apprenticeship.  I stayed with Ercols for 5 years.

After Ercols I started working for AJ Ways, a company that specializes in making orthopaedic furniture.  I also worked with this company for 5 years.

Around 2003, I decided to set up my own company, Smart Carpentry.

The company and my experience have grown considerably since forming and continues to do so.
I can now offer a bespoke woodworking service tailored to your needs.
From crafting a piece of individual furniture, designed by you or myself, to the fitting a manufactured kitchen to a high standard, it can all be done by Smart Carpentry.

If you would like to talk to me about a potential new project, the best ways to contact me would be either be, by phone or email:

Telephone: 07770 402 799



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